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Liu Zi Guang has absolutely no recollection of the most recent eight years of his life. When he goes back to his hometown of Jiangbei, the one thing that is clear in his mind is that he wants to lead an honorable life there. On the other hand, those enigmatic eight years are destined to come up to him, as he discovers his father injured and hospitalized upon his return home. Hu Rong is a detective whose hot demeanor matches the flaming appearance she possesses. She may be young, but despite her age, she acts and performs like a seasoned officer because to her unyielding attitude and unrivaled abilities. She gives her job her all attention and is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary in order to ensure the safety of the people in China. A criminal organization is led by Nie Wanfeng, who is the head of the group. Both his intelligence and his viciousness have allowed him to remain free all this time, making him a very difficult adversary for the law enforcement to catch. When Liu Zi Guang and Hu Rong first come into contact with one another, they have difficulty getting along with one another. However, as they continue to face off against Nie Wanfeng together, their bond develops further. However, things become even more complicated as Hu Rong learns more about Liu Zi Guang's history at the same time that she begins to develop feelings for him.
Duration: 45 min
Country: China
Production: Croton Media

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