Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie

Best of luck Charlie is a American television sitcom, which originated on Disney Channel, on April 4, 2010. Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, who wanted to produce a program that will interest entire families, instead of just kiddies made the show. It targets to a Denver family, the Duncans, since they try to adjust into the temptations of their fifth and fourth children, Charlotte"Charlie" Duncan along with Toby Duncan. In each incident, Teddy Duncan creates a diary containing advice for Charlie about their loved ones and life for a teen ager. Teddy attempts to reveal through when she is old from the video diaries for future reference Charlie that which she would go. Each video diary finishes with Teddy saying the eponymous phrase,"Good luck, Charlie". Among other decisions, executives changed the set name from Oops to Great Luck Charlie in order and to Love and contained arenas to be sure the string would appeal to all family members. Good Luck Charlie expired on Disney Channel in the United States. It triggered in Canada on May 14, 2010 on April 5, 2010, the Great Britain and Ireland, and in Australia and New Zealand on July 2-3, 2010. All the best Charlie was renewed for another season, with production beginning in August 2010 having a season premiere on February 20, 2011. A Christmas Disney Channel Original Movie based on the series entitled Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! Began production for a December 2011 premiere in March 2011.

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